Friday, July 12, 2013

Jake Stone

     Jake Stone is a judge and a volunteer firefighter.
     He’s certain the woman in the smoke-filled courthouse is the arsonist. But her wide, blue eyes and gasping breath asks, “Am I dead?”
     And Jake feels the ice encasing his heart start to melt. But when she begs him not to turn her into police, he can’t let her go without finding out what she knows. When Mia slips away through the thick smoke, he’s sure he made a mistake. But after he finds her in the crowd of on-lookers, and finds the tires of his truck slit, he wonders if she’s the villain or the victim.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Durham, NC

     Names are changed to protect the innocent...
or in this case, to create the setting for a work of fiction.
     Chatham County becomes Courtney County in the novel.
     The American Tobacco Trail retains the same name, but areas around Durham get new names. Can you read the locations and guess the real places?
     Members of my family love riding on the American Tobacco Trail as do many of the citizens of the area. The trail closes at sundown, so no cyclists were put in danger during the writing of this novel.  LOL
     Read Flames of Deceit and drop me a line.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mia Clark...

Mia is determined, smart and loyal. Even when she's torn by worry her faith isn't justified, she won't let go.

Take a spin in Mia's shoes.
Experience her worst fear...Look into the eyes of a man who melts your socks off...and realize you can't tell him the truth. Her secrets, his job and the threat to family keep Mia from opening up to Jake.

Have you been in that situation? Can you name your worst fear? Have you faced it? How did you cope?

Have you been on a bicycle in the past twenty years? Can you ride well enough to save your life and perhaps the life of the man you're starting to love?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sex, Lies and Family Ties

   Reporter Mia Clark can track down information on a computer. But when her mother demands she clear her brother's name of false accusations by a former model before it ruins his chances of re-election to the Senate, Mia finds investigative work can be dangerous. Maybe even life-threatening.
    But when Judge Jake Stone saves Mia from a burning building, she realizes the true danger is to her heart. How can she give or accept love when sibling rivalry has twisted her heart in knots?
    Jake is looking for justice, not love. But Mia Clark awakens emotions numbed by the loss of his wife and child. Still, until Jake catches the person who set fire to his courthouse, he can't let anyone past his defenses. Then the murderer gets too close to Mia and Jake realizes he could lose another person he cares for if he doesn't protect Mia.
     Can two wounded hearts find love...or will the murder end their future before they have a chance to share the feelings growing warmer with each encounter.
      Read FLAMES OF DECEIT and let me know what you think about my first venture into writing romantic suspense.

     Happy Reading!